by Othon Gonzales

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The ‘posadas’ in Mexico is a tradition every year from the 16th to the 23rd of December…it’s a party where families get together and children break ‘piñatas’ with a stick and eat candies & fruits.

The word ‘posada’ means post, a place for pilgrims to spend the night and get some food.

In the catholic tradition it is said that Joseph and Mary travelled to Bethlem for the census when she was about to give birth the baby Jesus, and when they got there, knocked the door for shelter in eight different posts, they were turned away because all of them were full.

The 9th time they ask for shelter, the owner told them there was no vacancy, but anyway they could stay at the barn.

With the ‘posadas’, the Mexicans celebrate the eight times they were turn away with a party, which 50 years ago was more religious, but nowadays, it’s more a pretext to party, drink beer and have a good time.

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The place for the posadas, if you want to go to one in Cozumel is the Ballroom ‘Mobydick’ on 65 ave. You might discover private ones all over the island.

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Tati´s Photo tip:
It is an act of politness to ask permission to photograph posadas, people praying, singing, etc.
I have never had bad experiences in Cozumel. People are very friendly.
Whenever I asked if I could take a picture I was welcome to.

Once you have permission you become part of the event…use it wise to get stunning pictures.

Merry Christmas



Ten years ago, one of my sons, who was 25 years old, told me that he and one of his friends would go to Oaxaca to compete in a triathlon. The ones who get to finish it would have the possibility to participate in an ironman race.

I didn’t have an idea about what exactly was that race… first, 3.86 km swimming, then 180 km biking, and finally 42.2 km running !!!
ironman_cozumel_2011 (114)  ironman swim in chankanaab, cozumel  ironman_cozumel_run
I had only seen the marathon in the olympics which is similar, without the first two races, and I wonder… who is fisically capable to do that??, well, not my son.
He and his friend did the swimming and half of the biking and got so exhausted that decided to go get some beer and eat some tacos instead.

It was here in Cozumel where I had the opportunity to see those athletes in action. Last year, particularly, they did the biking in the middle of a storm, it was
pouring so, you can add going biking fast on wet floor!, however, one of the atlhetes told me next day that the rain was great and very refreshing.   Accidents?
for sure, but for them, no matter if they are amateurs or pros, their goal is to be there and get the satisfaction to finish the race and know they are in a good shape.

All I can tell you is… they are incredible women and men, and it’s amazing to stay there for a while and see them.
visitors ironman cozumel
I would only suggest to the WTC, the ones who organize it, to think in organizing the Tinman race…swimming 3 meters, biking 18 m and running 42 meters… i would
inscribe right away.

Othon Gonzales

Tati´s Photo tip:
Use a fast shutter speed setting of your camera to freeze/stop an action/motion in order to avoid blurry pictures. E.g. on S or T mode put a speed of 1/1000 sec.
Or try some panning pictures. Therefore I recommend a shutter speed between 1/30 and 1/60 sec and pan with the moving object while exposing.

With some practice you will get really stunning pictures.

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Results of the November Photo Challenge

First of all I want to thank all the participants for sending in their work.
You all rock!!!

There were scary, strange, funny, interesting, relaxed, beautiful and extremely detailed self portraits.

And I want to present 3 pictures and their photographers that I found the most creative and skilled ones.

In my personal opinion I liked the picture of Manuel Santiago the best…allthough it was not an easy choice!

manuel santiago

He found a very interesting point of view….with the camera and regarding his personality!
The leading lines from the eyes to his hand, the fact that a person is sometimes big and sometimes small
and the color composition impressed me. Great job, Manuel!
He is 28 years old, Mexican & lives in Veracruz.
To see more of his work please visit:

Another entry that I want to mention here is the picture of Bernd Moritz:

Photo Challenge Selfportrait Bernd Moritz

This picture is telling a story. Especially if you know that Bernd (born in Germany) works as a cameraman.

And last but not least there is the photograph of Allison Felder. She is by far the youngest participant – 8 years old.
I admire her sense of humor and self-esteem to participate with a very funny photo of herself.


Well done – all of you. To see all entries please visit:!/media/set/?set=a.506518842699900.121816.113254258693029&type=1

More photo challenges will follow! Stay tuned!!!