by Othon Gonzales

Mexican dancer CARNIVAL 2013
Hi my friends… party is never ending in Mexico, so now, everybody is getting ready for Carnival, a tradition that started hundreds of years ago in Europe
as a consequence of a Catholic period of abstinence…The Lent.

” Carne vale ” is a late Latin expression that means farewell to the meat because it is forbidden on Fridays. In ancient times, however, it had another
context…abstinence was: ” Not to have physical contact of any kind “, so somebody thought it would be a good idea a festival to enjoy all the
worldly pleasures before the Ash Wednesday.

Colorful customs, music and dancing start this Saturday 19th in Cozumel, when the Queen and the King of the ” Carnaval ” will be crowned.

carnival 2013

Tati´s Photo tip:
There are many dancing groups doing kind of rehearsals – for the parades starting February 8 – on the streets of Cozumel now.
Mexican colors and party atmosphere at its best!! Whenever you see them – stop by and take some pictures.
Best results are with a fast shutter speed (minimum 1/800 sec.) and then wait for that instant when the dancer stops moving.
So, have a good time and enjoy party !!

 female dancer cozumel