The Mexican 20 peso bill

by Othon Gonzales


You know the Mexican twenty-peso bills, I suppose… but, have you noticed who is in them ?… Benito Juarez…Why?   Who was this man ?

He was born in 1806, a pure “zapoteca” native. Those days, natives were the lowest level in the social system in Mexico, without any chance to progress.

Benito Juarez president

However, he decided to go to school, graduated  as a lawyer, became senator, later governor of Oaxaca, president of the Justice power, and finally, president of this country.

He fought the conservative party to avoid a monarchy, and after defeat the Mexican Emperor Maximilian of Habsburg, he created the Republic. He elaborated the first Constitution in 1857, and died in 1872 after having been designated president  several times.

His legacy, besides the political changes, was a lesson of life, demostrating that, no matter your origin, race or color, you can achieve your goals if you decide it so.

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