Certificate of Excellence

We are happy to announce the third Certificate of Excellence for our:

Cozumel Photo Tour

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Results Photo Challenge: “Door(s)”


We received many interesting and great images for this photo challenge. Thank you all!!

Please let me first say something about the subject: door(s) & why I (Tati Biermas) thought it is worth a subject.
We all know and use doors…every day. Some are normal others special, some are pretty, some are new, old, and some are just useful.
E.g closed doors can make curious. What is behind it? Old doors tell a story, etc…
But always does an opening connect one space with another.
You see there is A LOT room for interpretation and each one of the participants submitted their special door. Great job 🙂

Our jury voted for David Lettieri´s door picture because it is indeed an outstanding door!
What an unique subject he found,  so unexpected in this location!
david lettieri

I want to mention the harmonic color composition…an overall very surprising and pleasant image:

We also loved Nadine Poeckel´s door:

nadine poeckel

The straight lines, the reduction to black&white without losing detail makes for a great photograph.

Paul Daniel Petock´s photograph was taken in 1969…on film. And you can guess it is a double-exposure. We think he should have cropped it slightly on the left side – but it a very interesting picture that leaves a lot of room for interpretation.

paul daniel petock

We also liked Paul Monday´s photograph very much: a balanced composition, great textures, details & colors:
paul monday

The photograph with the most “likes” on our facebook page “Cozumel Photo Tour” was from Paul v.d. Heyden. His collage of Italian doors sure keeps your interest and is a fabulous design.

paul v d heyden

We are happy that so many of you submitted beautiful photographs. They all can be seen here:

Please check them out and also visit the page in the future…there are more photo challenges waiting for you.
We will announce them soon!