Hurricane Season 2013

by Othon Gonzales

palm trees in storm

The hurricane season is starting, and, as usual, we are going to see on TV, the paper etc… the recommendations to prepare ourselves and care our families, home and our personal stuff.

Let me tell you I arrived Cozumel in June 1996 and didn’t have a clue about that. Two weeks later, my students warned me about a hurricane would hit us that very night.
I went to a several convenient stores to buy some food and water (there were no supermarkets in Cozumel yet)
abarrotes in cozumel
and finally I took a taxi to return home and another man went in at the same time…completely drunk !… the taxi driver asked him where to… and he said: take me to the nearest bar (???)
The driver did…and dropped him two blocks away, outside a bar… I never saw him again, and the hurricane, fortunately, went South and didn’t hit us.

So, the moral of the story is… up to you!!!
Arial photography

Take care everybody, and I hope we’re going to be fine… and one thing… please don’t be thinking that any storm will hit us, because the universe may concede it to you.
I´ll be looking for a calm season with beautiful romantic sunsets.

palm tree in cozumel

Tati´s Photo tip:
Taking pretty photographs of sunsets is a matter of getting the colors right.
You can control the colors via the white balance settings.
In order to get warmer colors in sunset situations choose a higher degree Kelvin than 5600K (daylight symbol).
Or use the preset scene for “sunsets” of your point-n-shoot camera.

With all you photoshop lovers, I want to share this video.
How To Fix Common Sunset Problems In Photoshop by Aaron Nace: