Biggest aquarium of the world in Cozumel

by Othon Gonzales

In the local paper ” El Semanario de Cozumel ” of last Saturday, there was an article about  the biggest aquarium of the world is going to be built here on the island, next to ” Puerta Maya Mall “, with a capacity of one million cubic meters of water, which will contain 500 different marine species; 30 thousand square meters of new corals will be sown in the Paradise reef and visitors will be able to walk inside a tunnel made of acrylic, stronger than steel, in order to see them.


Three pyramids as well as one hundred sculptures of Mayan people at human scale, will be also built at the bottom of the sea, to create an artificial reef.
underwater photography
This aquarium will definitively be the biggest and most beautiful in the world.

Congratulations Cozumel !


Tati´s photo tip:
For best underwater photographs: learn how to dive & get a decent underwater camera. While shooting, make sure the white balance is set properly (preferably at 4600K in Cozumel waters), position yourself in a light frog perspective to your object & take the photos at the time of the day with brightest sunlight (1pm).
sea turtle