El Grito in Cozumel

by Othon Gonzales www.cozumelspanish.com

Every 15th of September, exactly at 11:00 pm the president of Mexico, all the governors, as well as the mayors through all the country, go out to the balcony of the palaces and county Halls to celebrate the Independence.

This ceremony is called ” el Grito ” ( the shout ) in which all the people above remind – shouting actually –  the heroes of the war against Spain to end the Colony which started the 16th of September of 1810, at dawn.

This ceremony took place the first time in 1825, but it was changed from the 16th in the morning, to the 15th at night in 1890 by the dictator Porfirio Diaz, because the 15th was his birthday, so, all the nation would celebrate both.

In Cozumel, this Sunday, around 3000 people will gather in front of the City Hall to listen the mayor say: ” ¡¡¡ Viva Mexico !!! ” and then, enjoy a big party.

Fiesta of El Grito

If you like the crowd and sweat like a pig, go there… you will lose around 8 pounds in 30 minutes… no diet!

So, ¡¡¡ VIVA MEXICO !!!

Tati´s Photo tip:
The event ends with stunning fireworks. To take nice pictures of it use a tripod and a shutter speed of 1/6th or longer. On some point-and-shoot cameras you might find a setting (under scenes) for fireworks. Use it and enjoy the night!

fireworks in cozumel