Photo Challenge October 2013: CURVES

Congratulations to all participants! Scroll down to see the best entries:


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Curvy plant

Tania Nacif
Fascinating curves of nature. It’s a nicely balanced picture (rule of thirds) with the main focus on the curvy plant. The color contrast of the bright green and the brownish-red stem make for a very interesting picture. Simple and vivid.


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Anita Legare
By far the most entertaining entry and a creative implementation of the given theme. Gotta love the expression of the curvy model.


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Curvy panorama of a church

Katja Papst
The photo submission with the most “Likes”. And a very interesting & curvy panorama of a church.

4, 5 and 6
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Lillian Castner, Paul Daniel Petock and Paul Von der Heyden
All 3 photographers found and captured the interesting curves of architecture. Great shots.


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Sabine Grudzinski
Many interesting curves. Nice color composition due to the long exposure time.

8 & 9

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Anne Rapp & Jeff Rector
The curves of a path and a racetrack. No curve is like another curve. Great compositions.

10 & 11

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Bread Pitt & Kirstin Sarakewitz
There are curves in the small things of our lives, too. You just have to see them.

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