Mayan Ancient Drums

by Othon Gonzales

Mayan drums are the most ancient instruments of percussion made from a trunk of the Zapote tree, hollowed out by hands, with no tools.
The first ones were horizontal named ” TUNKUL ” with a slit on one side to make different tunes, played with wood sticks.

Tunkul - Mayan drum

Then also made the ” AYOTL ” , turtle shells played with the hands.

Ayotl - turtle drum of the Mayans

The latest ones were vertical ” HUEHUETL ” hollowed and covered with a fur of a jaguar, often carved with figures of animals and persons.

Huehuetl, vertical drum

All of them were played in ceremonies, war and celebrations, sometimes with a poetic, loving sense.

Mayan Instruments

If you go to the Carnival parades, you will see that nowadays, there are groups of drummers called ” batucada “, playing with an extraordinary rhythm, that are a reminiscence of that glorious civilization.

Tati´s Photo tip:
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Listen to the ancient instruments described above:

Rehersal – during an exhibition at the UQROO in Cozumel