SEMANA SANTA (Easter in Mexico)

by Othon Gonzales

Since the 70 % of the population of Mexico has been Catholic for the last 300 years, we  ” Semana Santa ” every year. The most popular performance of the ” Passion of Jesus ” takes place in the neighborhood ” Iztapalapa ” of Mexico City.

Passion of Jesus

Every year a young man offers himself to play the role of Jesus and has to prepared spiritually an physically, because on ” Viernes Santo ” ( Good Friday ) he will be whipped, and suffer exactly the torture Jesus did along a similar distance, charging a wooden cross the same size, including a crown of thorns on his head. Of course there are the Romans, the Virgin Mary and everybody else in disguise.

Passion of Jesus in Mexico

More than a million people go there to see the show which ends at 3:00 pm after ” Jesus ” has been crucified ( without nails ), taken down from the cross to be driven in an ambulance to the hospital. ( Actually, this show is not interesting to me ).

The good news  is ” Semana Santa ” is the most popular vacation of the year, so, another million people leave the city to enjoy the sun at the beach, so it’s the perfect time to visit the city, without pollution, traffic, and you can use the ” Metro ” ( Subway ) without receiving a free massage.
Enjoy it !

Tati´s Photo tip:
Photographing religious or cultural events please show respect to the local people celebrating. Preferably use a longer focal length lens (or zoom) to remain in a distance to not disturb the actions. Observe closely and remain in the background.Katholic church in Cozumel  Statue de Guadelupe