by Othon Gonzales

May is the  month with more holidays and celebrations in all the country; The 3rd is the day of the Holy cross all over Mexico, but here in Cozumel is very special because it was here at ” El Cedral ” where the first mass took place in 1519.

Cedral 2014 Horses


Cedral 2014 Traditional Dresses

Later, in 1848, during the ” war of castas “, a Mayan group from Yucatan arrived the island and founded a plantation. They decided to organize a big party to thank for the food they received, every year, from the  2nd to the 5th of May.

Cedral 2014 girls

For this, they invented along the years a very special dance called  ” pool  kekén ” ( head of the pig ) which is still celebrated nowadays. A man carrying on his  head a tray with a head of a pig dances all the place with women grabbing colourful strips around him, dressed up in traditional costumes.

Cedral 2014  Pig Head dance
Around the year 2000 they included a county fair, with horse races, bull fights and a show of a rock star singer or a band to close the event.
Cedral 2014 Charros
If you like the crowds and interact with local people, go there next year !

Tati´s Photo tip:

For photographing the colorful traditional events in Cozumel consider using the “vivid” or “faithful” picture optimization for nicely saturated color.
Also working with a faster shutter-speed helps avoiding motion blur.


Photo Challenge April 2014: FACE(S)

Congratulations to all participants! Scroll down to see the best entries:



Robyn Lynch McLain 1

Our 3 judges voted for Robyn Lynch McLain´entry as the best photo. This is indeed an adorable portrait of a baby´s face. It also received the most “likes” on our facebook page.
Congratuations Robyn!!


Paul Daniel Petock (2)

Paul Daniel Petock took this beautiful black and white photograph.  This is a unusual pose for a very beautiful lady.


paul v d heyden (3)

Paul Von der Heyden submitted the most creative picture for the subject Faces!
Do you see the face?


thorsten pressler 1

Thorsten Pressler caputred these 2 faces. Interesting composition of lines & colors

5, 6, 7 and 8

ka jugo1

Kris Moosie


SeaLife DC1400

Liz Walker

liz walker (2)

Liz Walker


Kris Moosie

Animal´s faces! Our jury was thrilled by all entries – but liked the ones above the most. For their composition (“Rule of Thirds”), softness, color composition & narrow depth of field.


Robyn Lynch McLain 2

Another great shot from Robyn Lynch McLain. A unusual expression for a baby…but so cute.


bread pit

Cordula Schmiedel & Bread Pit send in this one. Yes, also sculptures can make for interesting face photos. We liked that there was nothing distracting in the sculptures background.


amy cooper (2)

Amy Cooper took this awesome portrait of her son. The idea to tone it sepia underlines his intense eyes.


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