by Othon Gonzales

May is the  month with more holidays and celebrations in all the country; The 3rd is the day of the Holy cross all over Mexico, but here in Cozumel is very special because it was here at ” El Cedral ” where the first mass took place in 1519.

Cedral 2014 Horses


Cedral 2014 Traditional Dresses

Later, in 1848, during the ” war of castas “, a Mayan group from Yucatan arrived the island and founded a plantation. They decided to organize a big party to thank for the food they received, every year, from the  2nd to the 5th of May.

Cedral 2014 girls

For this, they invented along the years a very special dance called  ” pool  kekén ” ( head of the pig ) which is still celebrated nowadays. A man carrying on his  head a tray with a head of a pig dances all the place with women grabbing colourful strips around him, dressed up in traditional costumes.

Cedral 2014  Pig Head dance
Around the year 2000 they included a county fair, with horse races, bull fights and a show of a rock star singer or a band to close the event.
Cedral 2014 Charros
If you like the crowds and interact with local people, go there next year !

Tati´s Photo tip:

For photographing the colorful traditional events in Cozumel consider using the “vivid” or “faithful” picture optimization for nicely saturated color.
Also working with a faster shutter-speed helps avoiding motion blur.


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