Understanding Colors – for photographers

By Tati Biermas:

Understanding the Meaning of Colors (Color Psychology) is important for your pictures.
And altough the meaning of colors varies depending on culture and circumstances each color has many aspects to it.

Color is a form of non verbal communication a dynamic energy. Use colors wisely in your photography.

Helpful tips:

Learn the “language of colors” using the color wheel: Contrasting/competing colors, harmonic colors, warm and cool colors, etc…

color wheel

Find detailed info about Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, white & Black here:

Another good & Quick guide for the use of colors and their meanings:

Color Emotion Guide




FIFA World Cup 2014

by Othon Gonzales

Every four years, the Worldwide Football Soccer Championship takes place, and the Mexican team prepares the best they can
to do a good playing and be lucky.
FIFA WC 2014
No doubt, the phrase ” While is life, is hope “, is true, because every four years, the Mexican fans think and pray there is a
possibility to win. This youear they played like never before and still lost like always.

The awful truth is they have never gotten even in semifinals, since at this level of the games, they are defeated by
the best teams in the world…Germans, Argentinians, Brazilians, etc…

Anyway, you will see around everybody wearing green t-shirts ( the color of the Mexican uniform ), doing great party while
the team keeps alive.

If you like soccer, come out and join them… you’ll get a lot of fun !

FIFA WC 2014  FIFA WC 2014