Day of the Death – Dia de los Muertos

Meaning of the altar

There are some public altars in front of the Palacio Municipal in Cozumel


Sports in Cozumel

by Othon Gonzales

Cozumel is famous as a beautiful place for Scuba diving and nowadays more and more for triathlon competitions (swimming, biking and running).

Ironman in Cozumel

You can see Ironmen and women doing their routine training everyday during the year in order to get in shape, yet most of them are foreigners.

Local people mostly prefer to do other sports: soccer is very popular, but baseball also has a lot of amateur teams in Cozumel.

Soccer in Cozumel

They play every weekend in the ” Rojo Gomez ” Stadium,  located on the corner of 30 Ave. and Salas street.

Baseball in Cozumel

There are also many persons, all ages going to the “Sports Field” (Unidad Deportiva) on 11th Ave. to do jogging, basketball and field and track sports.

But the most popular sport in this island is and it will always be… Jar and Mug lifting!!

Tati s photo tip:
Go out and photograph sport activities. It s a lot of fun – especially here in Cozumel.
For sharp images use a fast shutter speed (min. 1/500) or the sport setting of your point-and-shoot camera.Fast lenses (f. 1.4 – f.2.8) help to keep working with a fast shutter speed, too.
Also using the flash minimizes motion blur.
Framing the photograph “wider” – providing more space around your object, helps keeping the action in your shot.

It s better to do a little cropping in post production.

Motocross in Cozumel