Cozumel Above The Sea – the photo book of Cozumel

by Othon Gonzales

Two weeks ago I was invited to the presentation of an incredible beautiful book: “Cozumel Above The Sea”, by
photographers Tatiana Reichgruber, Tania Nacif and Paul Von der Heyden.

cozumel above the seaIt’s a professional work, and it’s going to be in exhibition until the 28th of February, at the museum of the island,
but here I want to share what is behind the pictures. cozumel above the sea

tania Nacif, Tati Biermas, Paul Von der Heyden I supposed that, in order to capture good images of the creatures, they had to be very patient, but as they told me,
there’s more beyond that.They were three years going camping in the wild, sometimes all night long inside uncomfortable tents, bitten two thousand times by all kind of insects, bedbugs, ticks, mosquitoes, bloodsuckers, worms etc… (there’s no effective repellent against them). They literally ate them.

So, first of all, I applaud the effort of Tati, Tania and Paul, thank them  for this unique book that allowed me to know
a whole lot more about the flora and fauna of Cozumel.

Second, to every person who is reading this blog,  a recommendation… Buy the book, it´s worth it!

And…Happy Carnival!

Tati´s photo tip:
To see other photographers work is inspiring!
Whenever you have a chance…look closely at images.
If you like a picture – analyze why you like it.
This will improve your photography skills and is FUN!!

Check out the video of the book presentation in Cozumel: