Cactus Tv Cozumel

multi media service cactus tv Cactus Tv Cozumel is a multimedia Company situated in Cozumel Mexico.

Our Company is specialised in professional Photography, Video Productions and Webdevelopment.

Catus Tv Cozumel exist since 2005 in Cozumel and is a Mexican
As professional photographer – with experience of over 20 years – we also offer our services for weddings in Cozumel, Playa del Carmen or Riviera Maya in México.


Cactus TV offers international students a internship project where younger people can participate to proof there skills in digital Photography and Videography.

Every student gets a certification and is producing a workbook where all skills are listed the student did in this internship program.

In this internship program the student gets knowledge about photography , after this traineeship the student will be able to visit  production companys in any country of the world to offer his knowledge. This is an international project  students should speak the english language very well.

for more information,  just send us a message here:

tel: 0052 1 987 103 8012

March for peace and security in Cozumel. The march will take place next Sunday, 13th November, at 7p.m., beginning in Parque Corpus Christi, and the assistants are requested to wear white clothes, bringing a candle with them. We want Cozumel to stay as safe as it is! Please join!


One response to “Cactus Tv Cozumel

  1. Hey nice work on your blogs and news i enjoyed it. This is andrew i cartered a party in cozumel at a condo a while back and you emailed me some pictures i was wondering if you still had them i would like to buy them. Thank you hope to hear from you soon

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