Aquassage in Cozumel


is a massage while you are floating in the water.

Aquassage is a kind of AquamassgeAfter a brief explanation of the massage therapist you both go in the warm water of Cozumel and he gently starts to move you around.

You feel the water on your skin, the gentle movements.
Whenever you get  a massage your muscles and tissues release physical tension and emotional stress.
Before you have been born your element was the water (in your mothers belly).
Now this combination of a massage in the water intensifies your relaxation.

natural stretching in Cozumel

The nose clip stops water coming in your nose and with your eyes closed you can fully enjoy the water on your skin.

The first minutes will make you feel very comfortable and slowly the therapist starts stretching your muscles only by moving your body.

comfortable stretchingrelax and float

You will be in constant movement. The water seems to be everywhere. More and more pleasant positions follow:Stretching arms, legs, neck and your back

Stretching arms, legs, neck and your back while you are floating.
Eventually you are ready to even go underwater.

This also happens in a soft safe way as the therapist knows your breathing rhythm so you do not swallow water.

fascinating experience

It is a fascinating experience and if you are a “water” person there is no better way to let go of stress.

Aguassage needs to be done by special certified therapists. Not any therapist can do it.

If you like to try it or further information please contact us.


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