Photo Challenge April 2014: FACE(S)

Congratulations to all participants! Scroll down to see the best entries:



Robyn Lynch McLain 1

Our 3 judges voted for Robyn Lynch McLain´entry as the best photo. This is indeed an adorable portrait of a baby´s face. It also received the most “likes” on our facebook page.
Congratuations Robyn!!


Paul Daniel Petock (2)

Paul Daniel Petock took this beautiful black and white photograph.  This is a unusual pose for a very beautiful lady.


paul v d heyden (3)

Paul Von der Heyden submitted the most creative picture for the subject Faces!
Do you see the face?


thorsten pressler 1

Thorsten Pressler caputred these 2 faces. Interesting composition of lines & colors

5, 6, 7 and 8

ka jugo1

Kris Moosie


SeaLife DC1400

Liz Walker

liz walker (2)

Liz Walker


Kris Moosie

Animal´s faces! Our jury was thrilled by all entries – but liked the ones above the most. For their composition (“Rule of Thirds”), softness, color composition & narrow depth of field.


Robyn Lynch McLain 2

Another great shot from Robyn Lynch McLain. A unusual expression for a baby…but so cute.


bread pit

Cordula Schmiedel & Bread Pit send in this one. Yes, also sculptures can make for interesting face photos. We liked that there was nothing distracting in the sculptures background.


amy cooper (2)

Amy Cooper took this awesome portrait of her son. The idea to tone it sepia underlines his intense eyes.


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More challenges to come.

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Photo Challenge October 2013: CURVES

Congratulations to all participants! Scroll down to see the best entries:


Cozumel Photo Tour

Curvy plant

Tania Nacif
Fascinating curves of nature. It’s a nicely balanced picture (rule of thirds) with the main focus on the curvy plant. The color contrast of the bright green and the brownish-red stem make for a very interesting picture. Simple and vivid.


Cozumel Photo Tour

Anita Legare
By far the most entertaining entry and a creative implementation of the given theme. Gotta love the expression of the curvy model.


Cozumel Photo Tour

Curvy panorama of a church

Katja Papst
The photo submission with the most “Likes”. And a very interesting & curvy panorama of a church.

4, 5 and 6
Cozumel Photo Tour Cozumel Photo Tour Cozumel Photo Tour

Lillian Castner, Paul Daniel Petock and Paul Von der Heyden
All 3 photographers found and captured the interesting curves of architecture. Great shots.


Cozumel Photo Tour

Sabine Grudzinski
Many interesting curves. Nice color composition due to the long exposure time.

8 & 9

Cozumel Photo Tour   Cozumel Photo Tour

Anne Rapp & Jeff Rector
The curves of a path and a racetrack. No curve is like another curve. Great compositions.

10 & 11

Cozumel Photo Tour Cozumel Photo Tour
Bread Pitt & Kirstin Sarakewitz
There are curves in the small things of our lives, too. You just have to see them.

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More challenges to come.

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Photo Challenge June 2013: REFLECTIONS

Congratulations to all participants! Scroll down to see the best entries:

paul von der heyden
Paul von der Heyden
Stunning colors, great Italian feel and beautiful clear reflections on the water.

markus rechlin
Markus Rechlin
Unique idea for a portrait and a great reflection.

paul daniel petock
Paul Daniel Petock
The photo submission with the most “Likes”

chris wright
Chris Wright
Many interesting reflections.

sabine grudzinski
Sabine Grudzinski
Abstract & interesting

michel carriere
Michael Carriere
Awesome composition & colors.

bread pitt
Bread Pitt
Experimenting with a mirror results in a amazing foreground.

Cordula  Schmiedel
Cordula Schmiedel
Interesting self-portrait & reflection.

james stewart
James Stewart
The golden reflection in the water gives the photo a very pretty feel

anne rapp
Anne Rapp
Great composition. A little bit more color saturation in the greens would have made it perfect.

scott wilson
Scott Wilson.
Amazing scenery & reflection…only the time stamp is disturbing.

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More challenges to come.
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Results Photo Challenge: “Door(s)”


We received many interesting and great images for this photo challenge. Thank you all!!

Please let me first say something about the subject: door(s) & why I (Tati Biermas) thought it is worth a subject.
We all know and use doors…every day. Some are normal others special, some are pretty, some are new, old, and some are just useful.
E.g closed doors can make curious. What is behind it? Old doors tell a story, etc…
But always does an opening connect one space with another.
You see there is A LOT room for interpretation and each one of the participants submitted their special door. Great job 🙂

Our jury voted for David Lettieri´s door picture because it is indeed an outstanding door!
What an unique subject he found,  so unexpected in this location!
david lettieri

I want to mention the harmonic color composition…an overall very surprising and pleasant image:

We also loved Nadine Poeckel´s door:

nadine poeckel

The straight lines, the reduction to black&white without losing detail makes for a great photograph.

Paul Daniel Petock´s photograph was taken in 1969…on film. And you can guess it is a double-exposure. We think he should have cropped it slightly on the left side – but it a very interesting picture that leaves a lot of room for interpretation.

paul daniel petock

We also liked Paul Monday´s photograph very much: a balanced composition, great textures, details & colors:
paul monday

The photograph with the most “likes” on our facebook page “Cozumel Photo Tour” was from Paul v.d. Heyden. His collage of Italian doors sure keeps your interest and is a fabulous design.

paul v d heyden

We are happy that so many of you submitted beautiful photographs. They all can be seen here:

Please check them out and also visit the page in the future…there are more photo challenges waiting for you.
We will announce them soon!

Results Photo Challenge: “Light and Shadow”

In this post, I have put together some truly awesome photos that make strong use of lights and shadows. Creative light and composition were used to become more aware of light and shadows in a picture.

This time I asked for judgments & opinions of my friends Tania Nacif – professional photographer and Debbie Felixson in order to write this blog and showcase some of your best shots. Thank you very much for your help dear friends! In fact we found every submission very inspiring. Congratulations to all participants!!!

This black and white photo of Fred Felder captured the subject “Light and Shadows” the best.
Fred Felder
The captured light & shadows in his picture are the main composition and contrasting elements that created an interesting pattern & atmosphere. Backlighting, which lights foreground elements from the hind part, causes the edges of an object to glow adding an angelic effect and a pure dreamy feel. Amazing is also the fact that all 3 family members (Fred, Nici & Allison) submitted truly awesome pictures that make strong use of lights and shadows:

Nici Felder

by Nici Felder

Allison Felder

by Allison Felder (8 years old)

Besides, the strong use of shadows in color photos tend to be mostly used in silhouettes where the subject is made featureless apart from its outline against a bright background. The silhouette effect can be achieved with any bright light source – some focus on artificial lights, others on the sun at certain times of the day. Often photographers prefer the time around sunset because the sun causes the sky to be brighter than everything else for greater contrast. What’s also interesting is that when the artist aligns the sun directly behind the subject that can cause a glow effect around its outlines.
Paul von der Heyden´s picture caught our attention due to the play of light that created those amazing shadows – those almost surreal images add a meaningful facet to a photograph.

 Paul von der Heyden

Also I want to mention the picture with the most “Likes” which is from Nike Martiné:
Nike Martiné

The shadow of the crab enhanced the relationship to the subject.

The reason to have these challenges is to work on an assignment, share ideas and learn from others. The next one will be coming up soon. Stay tuned.

Results of the November Photo Challenge

First of all I want to thank all the participants for sending in their work.
You all rock!!!

There were scary, strange, funny, interesting, relaxed, beautiful and extremely detailed self portraits.

And I want to present 3 pictures and their photographers that I found the most creative and skilled ones.

In my personal opinion I liked the picture of Manuel Santiago the best…allthough it was not an easy choice!

manuel santiago

He found a very interesting point of view….with the camera and regarding his personality!
The leading lines from the eyes to his hand, the fact that a person is sometimes big and sometimes small
and the color composition impressed me. Great job, Manuel!
He is 28 years old, Mexican & lives in Veracruz.
To see more of his work please visit:

Another entry that I want to mention here is the picture of Bernd Moritz:

Photo Challenge Selfportrait Bernd Moritz

This picture is telling a story. Especially if you know that Bernd (born in Germany) works as a cameraman.

And last but not least there is the photograph of Allison Felder. She is by far the youngest participant – 8 years old.
I admire her sense of humor and self-esteem to participate with a very funny photo of herself.


Well done – all of you. To see all entries please visit:!/media/set/?set=a.506518842699900.121816.113254258693029&type=1

More photo challenges will follow! Stay tuned!!!