Flying high above Cozumel

Flying high above Cozumel!

During my summer internship with Cactus TV in Cozumel I also got the chance to go flying and take pictures of the beautiful island from above.
My first task was to take a portrait picture of the pilot and design another creative image after that.

The pilot’s second name has been “Santa Claus” because of his outward appearance – convince yourself…

The second task was – of course – to take aerial photos. This task was more complicated by the fact that the 50-year-old plane was constantly moving. Therefore I had to use a fast shutter speed and open up the aperture at least to F11. The brightness of the picture could only be influenced by the changing the ISO-Sensitivity.

Because of my limited setting opportunities, sunny and cloudless weather have been very important so that the pictures don’t end up blurry and the city Cozumel’s city San Miguel and the rain forest are not interrupted by foggy shadows. All in all it has been another fun task and great experience!


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