Ironman Cozumel 2011

Grand event thanks to great support
written by Nora Hinkel

Summer internship program Cactustv Cozumel

Documentation about the Ironman 2011

For the third time, the Ironman took place in Cozumel on the 27th November 2011 this year.
Athletes from all continents visited the island to participate in the most difficult existing triathlon in the world –
all participants are getting to their limits during the race during which they cover a distance of altogether 226 km.

The most adventures internship program in Mexico

The most exhausting athletic race in the world written by Nora Hinkel

“I’m really looking forward to the race – and just hope that the forecast north wind won’t occur”, said one of the athletes from Germany one day before the sports event.

Fortunately, the sunny Caribbean weather didn’t change until midday – at about 3 p.m. it started to rain and a strong wind arose, complicating the conditions for the athletes.
The triathlon has started with the swimming of 3,8km in the Caribbean Sea.
A handful of elite athletes start at 6.45 a.m., a few minutes before the remaining, more than 2000 sportsmen and sportswomen have entered the water.
They continue with 180km going by bike and, last but not least, finish the race with the marathon of 42,2km. 8 hours and 24 minutes after the starting signal,
the winner of the Ironman Cozumel 2011 has reached the finish line;

winner of 2011

Winner Cozumel Ironman 2011

Michael Lovato from the United States has been the fastest man,

Simone Benz womans fastest female athlete

Simone Benz

Simone Benz from Switzerland has been the fastest women crossing the finish line after 9 hours 14 minutes.

Although the winners have already been determined, relatives, tourists, and thousands of inhabitants of Cozumel kept on encouraging the other participants almost
until midnight when after 17 hours the Ironman ends officially. All over the island, people spent their day supporting  the competitors – neither heat,
humidity nor the long waiting periods regarding the route for the bicycles until a familiar face is passing the same place again kept someone from constantly cheering on all participants.

Aurelio Gonzales

Major of Cozumel island "Arelio Gonzales" opens the Ironman triathlon 2011

Thanks to many volunteers, beverages and food have been provided sufficiently for the athletes which is just as important as the emotional support.
In this way, 1770 participants were able to finish the Ironman in Cozumel successfully this year.


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