Photo shoot with obstacles

During the summer internship with Cactus TV I was allowed to accompany photographer Tati to many of her assignment jobs, including a photo shoot for the tour operator “Fantasy Travel Experts” in Cozumel. Annually they order a poster for a Mexican touristic trade fair and in 2012 it should have to do something with the Mayan calendar and the forecast apocalypse -respectively recommencement, reincarnation etc. – at the end of the year.

We had several ideas for the photos and design of the poster beforehand. In close collaboration with “Fantasy Travel Experts” we decided that the photo shoot should take place on a sandbank in the sea close to the island which is called “El Cielo”. We had three main motifs in mind and would take each picture with each girl: the first one is showing a girl jumping out of the water with a starfish in her hand; in the second one the girl is floating in the sea, with arms spread and looking straight up to the sky, also with a starfish in her hand; the last one would be taken on the beach, showing the girl running or jumping, holding a long veil in her hands above her head.

2nd January: The production started at the beginning of the year with the model casting: Six models have been invited to the office of the enterprise so that we could take portrait pictures, upper body and full body shots of each one of them. Two of them didn’t show up on the agreed appointment, two have been late but finally we got most of pictures we wanted to take and decided on three local girls between the age of 18 and 20.

18th January: It was planned to get the models dressed and ready with make-up early in the morning so that we could leave with the boat at about 10 a.m. and take advantage of the best light of the morning sun. Unfortunately, one of the models has gotten temperature and couldn’t take part in the photo shoot, another one arrived late again and had to be made up quickly in the beach bar by the make-up artist who accompanied us. Finally we took off – and the nice weather started to change.

Sitting on the boat with – the organizer and her daughter, two models, the make-up artist, the boat captain and one guide, the photographer and me as her assistant – we waited for the rain to pass by and for the sea to calm down. After two hours we left and planned to try another photo session for the next Sunday, the 22nd January. Fortunately, the Deadline for the poster is the 28th February.

22nd January: We’ve agreed on taking off at 9 a.m. this time, this time leaving only one hour late with the same team. It was a sunny but cloudy day and thus at times windy which caused some waves on the water surface, being usually smooth as glass. Nevertheless we started to shoot photographs of the models, several times interrupted by clouds covering the sun, for a few minutes it even rained heavily. It has been quite a challenge to take sharp photos because the models in the water and the boat on which we’ve been standing were constantly moving. But with a low ISO-Sensitivity, an aperture of at least 9 and a fast shutter speed we got good results.

After another short meeting in which the best photos have been chosen, we designed the posters with Photoshop in a high resolution. The slogan, company and domain name should be easy to read, neither too big nor to small on the 2x2m poster. Eventually, these are our results:


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