Independance day in Cozumel

by Othon Gonzales

It’s in September when we celebrate the independence of Mexico from Spain.

Well, this year, the City Hall decided to set right in the roundabout of the crossing of 11th and 30th avenues, a model of the column of the Independence.

Cozumel Avenida 11 with 30 The original is a beautiful monument located in Mexico City, 36 meters height, built in 1910. Some heroes of that war are buried there, Miguel Hidalgo and Andres Quintana Roo, among others.

Columna Independencia Mexico CityThe column has four female statues ( the originals in bronze ), which represent law, justice, war and peace.
Angel de Independencia
On top of the column there is a winged angel holding a crown of laurels, symbolizing the victory.
Angel of the IndependenceIf you drive or walk over there, stop by and take a look. it’s worth it to see… and…

¡Viva Mexico!

Tati ‘s photo tip:
Cozumel has a miniature park displaying the most important buildings of the country Mexico.
Also an exhibition with interesting Mexican art.
I offer photography tours exploring the park and you will learn everything about perspectives in photography.
Along with architecture photography and how to take pictures in a museum.

miniature park


Understanding Colors – for photographers

By Tati Biermas:

Understanding the Meaning of Colors (Color Psychology) is important for your pictures.
And altough the meaning of colors varies depending on culture and circumstances each color has many aspects to it.

Color is a form of non verbal communication a dynamic energy. Use colors wisely in your photography.

Helpful tips:

Learn the “language of colors” using the color wheel: Contrasting/competing colors, harmonic colors, warm and cool colors, etc…

color wheel

Find detailed info about Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, white & Black here:

Another good & Quick guide for the use of colors and their meanings:

Color Emotion Guide



Photo Challenge October 2013: CURVES

Congratulations to all participants! Scroll down to see the best entries:


Cozumel Photo Tour

Curvy plant

Tania Nacif
Fascinating curves of nature. It’s a nicely balanced picture (rule of thirds) with the main focus on the curvy plant. The color contrast of the bright green and the brownish-red stem make for a very interesting picture. Simple and vivid.


Cozumel Photo Tour

Anita Legare
By far the most entertaining entry and a creative implementation of the given theme. Gotta love the expression of the curvy model.


Cozumel Photo Tour

Curvy panorama of a church

Katja Papst
The photo submission with the most “Likes”. And a very interesting & curvy panorama of a church.

4, 5 and 6
Cozumel Photo Tour Cozumel Photo Tour Cozumel Photo Tour

Lillian Castner, Paul Daniel Petock and Paul Von der Heyden
All 3 photographers found and captured the interesting curves of architecture. Great shots.


Cozumel Photo Tour

Sabine Grudzinski
Many interesting curves. Nice color composition due to the long exposure time.

8 & 9

Cozumel Photo Tour   Cozumel Photo Tour

Anne Rapp & Jeff Rector
The curves of a path and a racetrack. No curve is like another curve. Great compositions.

10 & 11

Cozumel Photo Tour Cozumel Photo Tour
Bread Pitt & Kirstin Sarakewitz
There are curves in the small things of our lives, too. You just have to see them.

To see the entire album with all entries please feel free to visit the Cozumel Photo Tour Photography Challenge:

More challenges to come.

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