Limited Mexican Silver Coin Edition

by Othon Gonzales

In 2010 we celebrated 200 years of the war that made this country independent from Spain, and the central governmente decided to coin a 0.999 silver coin which shows in one side the ” angel of Independence”,

Limited edition of Mexican silver coin

a sculpture on top of the ” Column of Independence” located in Mexico City, where are buried the héroes of that war.

In the other side shows the present symbol of the Mexican flag, surrounded for some others designed during the different historical periods after the Independence.

Limited edition of a Mexican silver coin

A legend says that God told the Aztecs or Mexicas to move South from where they lived, and when they saw an Eagle standing on a “nopal” ( cactus ), eating a serpent, that would be the place to found their empire.   Their priest saw it in an islet of a lake; They settled there around 1300 and built ” Tenochtitlan”, the capital of the Aztec empire ( now Mexico City ).
When the conquest, in 1519 the Spaniards massacred the Aztecs and destroyed the city, so, as son as this country got the Independence, was named “Mexico”, to honor the Mexicas and adopted the vision of the legend as an emblem.

Tati´s Photo tip:
Photographing those coins you have to be careful with the light & reflections on the object. Macro photography is done best with the related equipment like a macro lens, ring-flashes, tripod & under studio conditions. However the macro setting (the small flower symbol) of your point-n-shoot camera will also do a decent job like in the example pictures above.