Do you know Michelada?

by Othon Gonzales

In Mexico and Cozumel you don´t need a pretext to keep partying…even if there’s nothing to celebrate…so…
Well, it’s summer and it’s hot… and we have the best drink to cool off…” Michelada “…. for all those that don’t know what’s that…


  Here is the recipe:
– Rim a glass with lemon and salt.
– add cubed ice.
– add lemon juice, a dash of Worcestershire sauce, a dash of Maggi seasoning juice, and a dash of habanero sauce.
– add a little ground black pepper.
– finally, add clear beer and mix it.

Michelada Ingrediences

Tati´s Photo tip:
How to photograph beer?
1. Warm Beer Is Your Friend
Cold beer will not give you a whole lot of bubbles and in addition will cause your glass to fog up with condensation.
2. Tall Glasses = Lots of Bubbles
3. Remove every single piece of dust and lint or you end up photoshopping A LOT!
4. Pinch of Salt
If you drop a few pinches of salt into beer it will bubble like crazy.
Fine grain table salt workes the best.
5. Plan Ahead, Have Extra Beer