Travesia Maya 2012


The Sacred Mayan Journey
Reflect the atmosphere of the "old times".Every year the locals from Cozumel (Mexico) revive the ancient tradition of the “Crossing to Cozumel island”.
In about 30 canoes they row, in groups of 12 persons,  all the way across the channel that departs the mainland of the island.

Mayan art and cultureTHappy faces of Cozumelhis was done by the ancient Mayan people to visit the sanctuary of Ixchebelyax  in order to hear the message that will be given
by the oracle and to worship the goddess Ixchel – the goddess of fertility and the moon.

Cultural event in Cozumel Mexico

Photography students and Tati Biermas were there to welcome the arrival of the canoes in order to take some good photo footage .
We aimed for the typical Mayan faces – painted in the traditional colors, for expressive characters, and decorations that reflect the atmosphere of the “old times”.

Mayan canoeing in CozumelWhile this event is a public event we worked with long focal length lenses (120mm and up) to softly blur out the background.
That way we avoid to see the masses of spectators, other photographers and film crews, and/or things of our modern world.Mayan oracle Cozume


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